Media planning, strategy and buying

We work expertly and confidently with all media channels combining digital and offline media for first-in-class integrated media plans.

Cohesive Plan

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The integration, placement, and weighting of potential relevant media touchpoints that reach the desired target—whether they be traditional, emerging, ambient, or digital—is key to our success in breaking through today’s cluttered media environment.  When we combine the skill sets of our digital and traditional media team, we gain the ability to produce first-in-class integrated media plans.

Data Driven Approach

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Not all clients and campaigns are created equal.Our data-driven marketing allows us to make educated decisions and buy smart. We gather insights that inform strategic and cohesive digital executions using data derived from social respondent reports, Google Analytics, and third-party data. We evaluate each campaign with analytics that allow us to be flexible and adjust our focus throughout the campaign.

Monitoring and Reporting

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Our responsibilities to our clients include constant monitoring and reporting throughout each campaign to ensure accurate delivery and to maximize the return on your media investment.  At the end of each campaign, we conduct a thorough post analysis.  Using the most up-to-date research tools, we assess the delivery and negotiate compensation for any audience shortfalls that may have occurred.

Digital Expertise

Our philosophy is that no online initiative should exist in a silo. We believe that a truly successful digital campaign integrates all online initiatives to deliver one synergistic execution, complete with constant observation, optimization, and adjustment. Our experienced digital specialists strategically navigate the complex digital landscape to develop a holistic understanding of your consumers and stakeholders.

comScore Certified MyMetrix Expert


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Gone are the days of targeting only by person, place, and space. We’ve aligned ourselves with partners and technology that allow us to target “moments” when we buy and plan display advertising. Identifying and targeting the right “moments” is the difference between audiences seeing your ad, or missing it altogether. Having this data means that no advertising dollars are wasted, and that every ad has been strategically served to reach its target.


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A strong paid social media strategy is a key component to a strong digital strategy. Our ability to treat each channel as its own entity while leveraging cross channel insights is where the true value lies in our social executions. Environments such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and even YouTube have strength in their ability to target and segment those audiences, which is vital in the constantly expanding social media landscape.


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Our Search Engine Marketing campaigns achieve high performance by leveraging data-driven insights. The key to a strong Search Engine Marketing campaign hinges on the ability to align a media buy with your target audience, and the ability to measure from the click of an ad to the actual interaction on site. Combining our analysts’ performance marketing expertise with some of the industry’s leading tools results in strong, data-driven campaigns.

Offline Media

Our experts have many years of experience with all offline media. The ever-changing media landscape is complex and fluid. Advertising formats, channels and their respective audiences are constantly changing.  We keep a close eye on media consumption habits and audience trends for broadcast, out-of-home and print.  This knowledge and expertise enables us to deliver expert strategic direction.